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Исполнитель Год Альбом
#####  2004  В Этой Жизни Меня Подводят Доброта И Порядочность
#####  2006  Kamikadze
#####  2007  Один В Поле Воин
(((S)))  2009  Ghost
(HeD) P.E.  1995  Church Of Realities
(HeD) P.E.  1997  (HED) P.E.
(HeD) P.E.  2000  Broke
(HeD) P.E.  2003  Blackout
(HeD) P.E.  2005  Only In Amerika
(HeD) P.E.  2006  Back 2 Base X
(HeD) P.E.  2006  The Best Of (Hed) Planet Earth
(HeD) P.E.  2006  Ultimate Unreleased
(HeD) P.E.  2007  Insomnia
(HeD) P.E.  2009  New World Orphans
(Impatient) Youth  1980  (Impatient) Youth
(Lone) Wolf And Cub  2006  May You Only See Sky
(Project) Ritual Noise  2008  8 bit Paranoia
(Project) Ritual Noise  2008  Eyes Of The Dying Cat
(Project) Ritual Noise  2008  Functions Overload
(Project) Ritual Noise  2008  I Can't Dive
(R)evolution  2008  Hero Of New Day
(sic)monic  2006  Look To The Skies
(sic)monic  2009  Somnambulist
(Un)said  2008  The Initial Transition
(VEGA)  2006  Cocaine

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